Monday, December 24, 2007

Radio interview

Last Tuesday around noon I received a phone call from Adrian Harewood, the host of CBC Ottawa's afternoon show "All In A Day". He had invited Charles Akben-Marchand, fellow cycling activist and President of Citizens for Safe Cycling, to speak on the show about winter cycling, and when setting this up Charles had had given him my number. So Adrian and I chatted for about ten minutes and then he asked if I'd like to be on the show as well! But of course, says I, making a quick schedule change and heading there for 3:00.

Our segment was recorded and posted to the CfSC website.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mark!

I go to the Ottawa bike co op once and a while, and found your website through... the HPVOOO site?

This is great, I love hearing about winter cycling in Ottawa. Great interview!