Monday, May 29, 2006

I blog, therefore, I must have some time to kill...

Greetings all,

So I'll try this blog thing. If you've come from my website or elsewhere, welcome!

My main interests are music (I'm a professional musician) and bikes / cycling (mainly for utility and commuting), and general enviro issues. I have no idea how often I'll post, but I'll endeavour to do so only if there's really something to say!

I do of course have a major interest in the Net, but it took a computer upgrade (read: a whole new Mac) to finally get the blog thing going, as all three of my previous browsers were too old to work with most blog set-ups. Of course, I didn't buy a new Mac just to do this, but it was one more sign among many I've been getting over the past year or two that my old system was having problems coping. I was actually able to keep a 1995 Powermac 7500 going for 8 years, after buying it 2nd hand in 1998. The CPU got bumped to a whopping 200mhz in 2000, and RAM up to 384meg last year.

Its replacement is a Mac Mini: 1.4 ghz, 512 ram, 80G HD, and SuperDrive (CD/DVD RW), found on sale because the Intel-based machines just got released. While my next comp. upgrade may not take another 8 years, this little beastie should do me fine for quite a while...

It's tiny!

And it fit quite nicely in my knapsack for the bike ride home.

The Mini, its power supply, box of install discs, cables - just add monitor, keyboard, and mouse! Of course there are all sorts of matching add-ons and accessories, like this external drive, but I'll try to avoid route. Ya gotta give kudos to Apple's designers though, as they seem to know a thing or two about cool industrial design, just like the translucent iMacs from a few years back.

Well, that's as exciting as it gets around here for the moment, so toodles for now.