Sunday, January 27, 2008


Since January is the quietest month gig-wise I've had more evenings off recently, and so time to take in some movies and even a bit of theatre.

Two weeks ago I saw "I'm Not There" a film "inspired by the many lives of Bob Dylan". It was an interesting flick, but is of course geared towards Dylan fans, of which I'm not much of one. I do know his more popular tunes, and the various stages of his life, such as the motorcycle accident and the anger directed at him when he "went electric". But since he is not an icon for me I was not able to keep track of what was metaphor or imagery or an actual event.

That said, as the reviews have noted Cate Blanchett is amazing in her depiction of mid-60's Dylan. She really did a great job of capturing the energy and personality from that time period.

Next up, I went with a friend to see the National Arts Centre's newest production of MacBeth. I was not originally intending to go, as I don't really care for people talking in Elizabethan English, but my friend said she had 1/2 price tickets, so why not check it out?

I must say that it was very well done. Peter Hinton's direction was excellent, and the minimal set, complimented by the sound and lighting, was well thought out. The first part of the show did wander a bit for me, due to that Eliz. English thing, but then I started to grin when I realized something...

The part of MacBeth was wonderfully played by Benedict Campbell, but at certain times under certain lights he started to resemble William Shatner! And as MacBeth got more deranged and over the top the resemblance grew even stronger. See if you agree:

Fortunately (or unfortunately) that saved the play for me until the 2nd act got going, and then it really drew me in and was very good. Kudos to the cast and crew for a very fine show!

(I can't believe I just spent time Googling for just the right Bill Shatner photo!)

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I continue to be glad I'm not an American. Their elected politicians disgust me, none moreso than Bush himself. Now he and his minions are trying to protect themselves from the war crimes of which they know they are guilty:

Thursday, January 10, 2008

IJO in Coda Magazine

It looks like the Impressions in Jazz Orchestra got a mention in Coda Magazine. Guess I'd better pick up a copy and see what they said about us!

Update: a pdf of the article can be downloaded from the IJO site.