Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vagina Cycle

Just a tad startling, no? One might say it takes balls to ride such an audacious machine in public, but that would not be quite the correct term...

Details here and here.

The first link was posted to the HPVOoO irc channel. Of course, then the bad puns started, such as:

If it had windows, would it be a womb with a view?
Would you call this a Menstrual Cycle?
Of course, in taking passengers she's offering a public cervix.
Building that must have been a real labia of love.

OK, so it's not really any kind of bike because it does not have any pedals and needs to be towed. But it's a fabulous example (some would say disturbingly so) of like-like art, along the lines of Ron Mueck's work:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cool old bikes

A neat video from somewhere in Europe, showing recumbents and tallbikes and other interesting cycling machines, but all back in the 1930's and 40's!

Thanks to Blackburn Pete for the link.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Toronto visit pt. 2

More from this trip, since my friend Richard has been processing and uploading his photos (all photos below are by him, except for the two bikes outside Urbane taken by me).

On our way from Tanya's place to Urbane Cycles via bike path, and crossing the Don River.

On Queen's Quay Blvd., passing a trailer-towing cyclist.

And two folks engaged in some pedal-powered protest.

Outside Urbane, and saw this interesting lock...

Umm, I don't think the lock was bought in this shape. ;)

A Supercycle (Raleigh) Twenty folding bike, with braze-ons. Must belong to our friend Carey Chen of Urbane Cycles.

Front brakes too. I've featured some of Carey's "hotrod Twentys" on my folder page.

At Urbane, and bents galore!

Various trikes.

Compared to most shops, Urbane actually stocks internal-gear hubs, including the fabulous (and expensive) Schmidt Dynohub!

We leave the shop and head off to meet Tanya, and pass by the Batmobile sitting in alley on John St.!

Lots of people out to see this promo event, as the movie was opening that weekend.

Bat-cycle (non-HP)

We collect Tanya from her workplace and head off to Jen and Vic's pre-wedding BBQ. Here we're riding down an alley after checking out the Community Bike Network shop.

Who needs helmets when riding in the middle of the largest city in Canada on tiny bikes with rather questionable brakes? Not us... :P

The next day, T. and I arriving at the wedding on same bikes.

Quite a few people arrived by bike, so the signposts and other places to lock were filling up fast. We found another Auto-Mini, painted black, and locked our Twenty and Mini beside it. It's fun parking your bike at a no-parking sign. :)