Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vagina Cycle

Just a tad startling, no? One might say it takes balls to ride such an audacious machine in public, but that would not be quite the correct term...

Details here and here.

The first link was posted to the HPVOoO irc channel. Of course, then the bad puns started, such as:

If it had windows, would it be a womb with a view?
Would you call this a Menstrual Cycle?
Of course, in taking passengers she's offering a public cervix.
Building that must have been a real labia of love.

OK, so it's not really any kind of bike because it does not have any pedals and needs to be towed. But it's a fabulous example (some would say disturbingly so) of like-like art, along the lines of Ron Mueck's work:

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Anonymous said...

Y'know, those are the ugliest labia I have ever seen, and as a nurse doing regular pap smears on women of all ages, I see quite a few crotches. What the heck is that growth at the bottom? Labia just don't do that!!! They just don't!