Monday, December 17, 2007

"let it snow let it snow let it snow"

We got smacked with a big storm yesterday, with the heaviest single-day snowfall in years. I had to get to an important rehearsal in the next neighbourhood, and cycling was not the best option. I could've walked or waited forever for a bus, but then inspiration hit...

My neighbour Scott was digging out his car and saw me heading to the basement door and asked if I was going to get out my bike, and I said "no, my skis!" He took this photo:

As I made my way into the Glebe neighbourhood I stopped on Lyon St. for a photo op. Looking ahead:

Looking behind (not much difference, eh?)

Looking down:
Coming home later that evening was a bit more of a challenge, as the plows had scraped most roads down to a thin layer of snow. The first trip had been bad enough for the ski pole tips striking through to pavement, and now I had to watch for the bottoms of the skis themselves. Fortunately it wasn't bare in very many places and I got home just fine.

This was not my first time skiing through urban streets. Who needs groomed trails anyway? ;)

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RealGrouchy said...

What a coincidence that you were cross-country skiing, and when you looked down there were two ski poles just lying on the ground!

Another Festivus miracle!

- RG>