Monday, December 03, 2007

Canuckcracker success!

I don't have the official numbers, but it looks like the IJO show was a sell-out! Professional photos will soon be on the IJO website, but in the meantime here are some quick ones I took.

Dress rehearsal was on the same day as the gig. The show was at 2:00pm, with the dress at 11:00am! That's when the dancers and actors and orchestra all finally met, and so we did not have a lot of time. Above, the sax section runs through some parts while everyone is setting up. And yes, it's obviously not a typical dress rehearsal in that not everyone is dressed up yet. ;)

The trumpet section warms up.

Fearless leader / bassist Adrian Cho tunes his Santa hat.

Scott Florence from "Company of Fools" did a fabulous job as The Villain.

Intermission, and a view of part of the crowd. The entire first rows were all little kids sitting on the carpet. The dancers performed on the wood floor right in front of them, and the band was behind the dancers.

Friends Andrea, Brad, and Keri take in the intermission fun as the kids run around imitating the dancers.

At show's end the daughter of an orch. member was curious about the drums, so I took one drum off the riser, gave her the brushes and she wailed away.

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