Monday, October 02, 2006

YouTube (and other) fun

Step right up! We've got humour, politics, music, cats - all courtesy of YouTube!

First off, a fabulous anti-war parody of "Tie a Yellow Ribbon..." (warning: naughty words, especially at the beginning!).

Next: Most have heard about Bill Clinton taking Fox interviewer Chris Wallace to task. And now this fabulous editorial from Keith Olberman. I couldn't quite believe it at first - here's a guy from the mainstream U.S. media (MSNBC) nailing Bush and his Administration to the wall! Well done, sir! And about time...

On the much lighter side: kitties! A compilation of feline goofiness.

And music:

Shredding: Heavy metal prog-rock accordion. Two Finnish musicians, along with the drummer and former bassist for King Crimson. If you're going to make a noise, this is a good one to make!

Sublime: my favourite female vocalist, Lisa Gerrard (formerly of Dead Can Dance). She has the most stunning and versatile voice I've ever heard.

And lastly, a non-Youtube link. Crazybikerchick Tanya has a fabulous "open letter to motorists who dislike cyclists". Check out the 90-plus comments!

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