Sunday, October 08, 2006

media attention

My cargo trike is the subject of a cover story in the Fall issue of "Better Bicycling", published by local organization Citizens for Safe Cycling.

I've not done much in the way of promoting Kyoto, other than just riding it on city streets to do the jobs I built it for. So when CfSC contacted me for the story I was happy to oblige. Other than one slip-up ("it’s a single-wheel recumbent bicycle" should read "three-wheel") it seems to be a good read. What's next? Front page on the Ottawa Citizen, or how about the Globe and Mail? Maybe I should head straight for TV coverage - where's my agent?... :D


N said...

Oh yeah, a recumbent unicycle (ouch!).... and you guys think you build funny bikes!

Mark said...

Hey, a bent uni has been done!

Anonymous said...

Pah! That's not a recumbent! That's an upright bike with a funny seat. I'll stick to my visual of a cyclist dragging his (definitely not her ;-) body across the floor. (For that link you posted- I can't believe that guy isn't wearing a helmet!!)