Friday, October 20, 2006

more music

In a two-week period I've been offered the drum chair for two local Big Bands! This is fun, because the music is great to play, and also a challenge, because the drummer is in the hot seat with these large groups. If you can't drive the band then it'll sound like poop no matter how good everyone else is! You have to keep the tempo, set up the shots, guide the dynamics, interact with the soloists, so there's lots to stay on top of.

The first group is the Bill Jupp Band, which has ben around Ottawa for many years, and plays original tunes and arrangements written by Bill. This is mainly a rehearsal band, but it meets once a week and keeps both my reading and swing chops together. The rehearsal space is barely a kilometre away, and I can leave my junky old practice kit there and just commute with sticks and cymbals.

The second band is Grey Jazz, run by Bob Cleall, and the band's name comes from the fact that it is based in a senior's facility, though none of the players reside there. ;) But the musicians are mostly over 50, so I'm definitely the youngest player, not to mention the least grey. :P The band swings well, and I've just completed my first gig with them (had to sight-read a few charts on the fly!), so it's a working group. We rehearse ever Friday morning at 9:30, and being the night owl that I am that's only doable because 1) they have a drumkit there, and 2) it's only four blocks from my house! So I just get up, scarf down some breakfast, and stagger my way there...


Anonymous said...

9:30 start time eh? Well, most of you seniors do wake up early! Get with your demographic, Mark! :-D

But seriously, sounds like a lot of fun.

Mark said...

ooo, you're such a cruel lady! When do you turn 40 again? ;)