Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gig alert

Next Tuesday the IJO takes on its biggest challenge to date.

We will be playing the music of Gil Evans, the famous Canadian composer who created some classic albums with Miles Davis (among others). We will be recreating both "Sketches of Spain" and "Miles Ahead", both of which have never been performed in Canada (and rarely elsewhere), mainly due to the complexity of the music, plus the cost of the large group needed! The regular IJO big band orchestra will be enhanced by two French horns and one tuba from the NAC Orchestra, plus bassoon and oboe from the Ottawa Symphony (I think a harp might even show up).

This is a huge challenge for us, because the music was never meant to be played live. The classic recordings were done in multiple takes, with the best ones stitched together in the studio (there were even some splices mid-take). We have to do it all in one pass!

If you like this music this may be your only chance to ever hear it played live. Trumpeter Lina Allemano from Toronto will be our guest for this show.

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