Thursday, July 19, 2007

more move photos

Since the owners of my previous abode were not returning until mid-month I had time to move, which was good since I had to figure out how to fit everything in the new place! So instead of having the usual "do it all in one day" I did it in stages. For the big stuff Richard arrived with the organ trailer, and Greg came with his old Cannondale trailer. Between my trike and these machines we were able to move a fair bit in just two trips! What helped was there we were only going four and half blocks away...

(The cooler is full of small bits of drum hardware)

Since after unloading we had both machines empty, Richard said he wanted to find out how well my trike could be carried on his trailer. Given the layouts of each, it was a surprisingly good fit! Width-wise the trike just fit inside the railings, the rear wheels tucked in behind the rear trailer wheels, and the front wheel just nudged the front rail. Funnily enough, Juergen-- who did the welding for my trike--also helped Richard weld this trailer together, though they were done about a year apart.

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