Thursday, July 19, 2007

even more moving photos!

When relocating it's not a common thing to have to take the "garage" with you. In my case, I had built a covered shed for the trike at the old place, and it of course had to come with me. It was fairly simply put together, so easy to take apart. When rebuilding I'll need to beef it up a fair bit, because at the new place I'm told the spot for it can receive a healthy build-up of ice in the winter from water dripping off the flat roof. But this rebuild will have the added benefit of diminishing my woodpile, which for the most part still resides at my old place with the owner's consent.

So here's how you move a wide load with the trike - just put the stuff across the box and hope it all weighs enough to keep it in place. With slow cycling it did. ;)

(note red safety flag)

The roof panels, acquired from a friend that was demolishing an outbuilding. They fit almost perfectly into the box, and I mean like with a 1/2" all around to spare! The only thing that prevented them from lying flat was the battery box for the electric assist (which is soon to be relocated under the trike in a semi-permanent installation). Most of the move was actually done without using the assist at all (battery pack not even in place), but I was getting tired at this point and needed the extra help.

My regular 2-wheel bikes were easy to fit, but not so the big beasts. In the above and below photos you can see the Rainbow Chopper, the CCM tandem. and the Infinity recumbent.

Gratuitous cat photo. In the new place, and Jett is mauling his catnip Teddybear, recovered from under a shelving unit while packing.


Jerome said...

Hey Mark. I just wanted to say thanks for opening my eyes to Recumbent bikes. The first I had ever really heard of them, was reading your website and then blog. I finally got my first bent last week and love it. More of a performace bent, but I commute 26 miles each way 3 days a week on it and love it. You really peeked my curiousity. Thanks, and ride strong and safe. Cheers.

Mark said...

Excellent! I'm always glad to inspire a trip to the bent-side. ;)

Gerry Lauzon said...

That's a cool trailer Mark. :) I thank you for the inspiration. Your site about the trailer was a big part of my research on the subject 2 years ago.


Mark said...

Thanks Gerry, but just to clarify, it's not a trailer. A trailer is something you tow; that is, it trails behind. This beastie is an all-in-one pedal powered pick-up truck. ;)

And if I sound picky it's because quite a few folks call it a trailer. But since I've built a few trailers I know the difference between those and this thing.