Sunday, March 06, 2011

A foggy soggy day

Saturday March 5th was quite the weather day. Overnight snow had turned to rain, and the humidity was something like 200%. In my walking travels that day (glad I was able to avoid cycling) the roads were a mess, the sidewalks were an icy mess; it was just, well, a mess everywhere! 

Walking on Metcalfe St. I saw the Peace Tower through the gloom and decided to get a bit closer for some mood shots.

The along Sparks St. to Confederation Square, with the War Memorial in front and the Chateau Laurier through the fog. 

On the way home, and the intersections in places could be a bit of a challenge. My waterproof boots passed their test.

James St. was completely under water in some sections.

'Twas bad enough that City crews (ok, one lonely front-end loader) were out unblocking the drains.

The sidewalks were fun too. The  well-traveled ones were just wet in places, while others had ice under the water.


-N- said...

Aaaack! Don't frighten me like that, I leave for Ottawa tomorrow!

Mark said...

Oh, so you don't want to know that it froze overnight as the rain turned into 15cm of snow? ;)