Sunday, April 18, 2010

Catching up.

Yikes, I've really let this blog wither on the vine! Three months since my last post is a bit much.

Not too much happened in February, though the re-Cycles shop got an offer to relocate into a much better space, and conveniently right door to the one we were in! So once that got set in motion (we moved March 13) things have been a bit of a blur. I had to work up a floor-plan, and get the move organized, and we're still cleaning up and sorting stuff, since the move happened (like last time) right on top of the start of the busy season. I do have photos of a cool drum to post, and am collating the various photos taken of the shop's relocation. Time to get back at it!

1 comment:

Paul Elkins said...

Thanks for the blog. Wonderful interests. Loved the vintage velo section and your pick-up trike. I too use to play with recumbents till blowing out my knee tendons. Now I cheat with a 2 hp briggs motor. Other stuff too is on my blog that might interest you.

Cheers and thanks again.