Saturday, March 07, 2009

TV show

So the TV segment wasn't too bad. I still talk a bit too quickly at times, trying to get out the things I wish to say. But overall I'm OK with how it went.

There doesn't seem to be an embedding feature on the CBC's website, so here's the direct link to the show. (My segment starts around 6:57).

If the link fails for some reason please go to the show's website and search for "Thursday March 5".


jason said...

Mark, that was awesome! I thought you did a great interview.

It was funny how the interviewer kept saying "carless" instead of "carfree."

Hannah said...

Fantastic job Mark! And in all honesty, I don't think you spoke too fast, you're being too critical of yourself. See you at the HOP!

Mark said...

You are both too kind.

Jason: yeah, a few people have noticed that. But as long as I got the point across I could care less about car-less. ;)

Hannah: yup, tomorrow should be a hoppin' day! :)