Thursday, September 25, 2008

New threads

I recently found a fabulous blue velvet jacket at Value Village.

It was one of those moments - I casually glance down the jacket isle and see the usual black, dark blue, and brown colours (though sometimes plaid and or tan show up in their glory). And I see this colour sticking out; not just blue, but crushed blue velvet! As with such things in life, if it fit and the price was right I had to buy it. Yup, it fit, and it was only ten bucks!

My first opportunity to show it off was at a recent IJO gig at the 4th Stage. I took it along as a gag to display in the dressing room, since I did have my regular dark jacket with me. But we had enough fun with it that bandleader Adrian Cho said "go ahead and wear it - drummers can get away with these things" (or words to that effect).

And of course photos were taken, and of each member of the 9-piece ensemble wearing it!

Here we go...

The drummer

Rick on trumpet

Bassist and bandleader Adrian

Mike on baritone sax

Trombonist Steve (he was gutted on FaceBook over this pic - hehe)

Martin on French Horn

Zak on saxes

Mike on piano

Dan on tuba


David Scrimshaw said...

Awesome score!

Anonymous said...

Another great jacket! You're getting quite a collection.