Monday, June 02, 2008

The stupidity of Critical Mass

I've been wanting to post my thoughts on CM for a while now, but the Interwebz once again have saved me the typing so I can simply provide links to others that have already said it:


Anonymous said...

“Critical Massholes - Saving the planet, one sociopathic gesture at a time.” Har! That kind of sums up my attitude too. But on the other hand, I am pretty impressed that they took over the Gardiner... wow! I somehow hadn't heard about that before. If it was a one-time thing, I think I'm actually OK with that. But yeah, there is a lot of sociopathy in the critical mass ride thing. But also an equal amount of sociopathy in the critical mass drive... ;-) But yes, definitely, you don't convince anyone by being a jerk to them. You tend to reinforce the idea that your "progressive" ideas are marginal and should stay that way.

Anonymous said...

There is a good deal of frustration within the Toronto cycling community of late. Another cyclists death with no charges laid against the motorist, yet another struck from behind and convicted in the media as author of his own misfortune, yet another police crackdown on cyclists during bike month all seem to lead to the conclusion the police have an anti-bicyclist prejudice.

Add in motorists disregard for bikelanes as other than free parking zones and police acceptance of that designation and you have the makings for a crazy impromptu act.

Certainly CM cyclists did this (rode on the Gardiner) but the Toronto motoring public and police were very much authors of this situation. The ongoing marginalisation of cyclists cannot continue.

Cathy said...

I've done one ride and I still have mixed feelings. It's a younger crowd of mostly punk kids but it also brings together bikers of all types which is nice. I don't mind that we take up car lanes but I think not following the lights is wrong.