Monday, March 10, 2008

snow fun

Well, the snow just won't let up, and this past weekend's 56 centimeters has put us very close to our all-time record amount of snow. And while in my new place a contractor clears the driveway (though they're not very quick about it) I still have to shovel my way to the basement door, and my neighbours and I also do the front walkway.

Recall my post about clearing ice off the trikeport? Well, I've had to do that at least five times now, with upwards of 3" of ice thickness at a time. That has been a LOT of weight, but I did design the 'port to hold up to that. Most of the times though it has just been a matter of pulling the snow off, and yesterday was no exception.

There's a 4' high, 12' long trikeport under there, somewhere...

And the front walkway

After that was done it was time to meet some of the HPVOoO guys for a slushy bike ride. Our destination was Rideau Falls, to see how the ice was piling up now that the induced ice break-up is happening.

Along the way we passed some cars that might not move for a while:

The annual ice wall was not happening yet, but that could change in a day. Still pretty, though...

The prevailing wind has slammed enough spray against this railing to really cause a build-up:

This machine lifts out the squared timber logs that make up the water level control dam:

After that it was time to head to the Sunday noodle soup dinner. Here's the snow at Somerset and Arthur Streets. Keep in mind that in preparation for the incoming storm city crews had completely cleared the previous snowfall and all snowbanks 48 hours earlier.

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