Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fun with the IJO

First up, some photos from the Impressions in Jazz Orchestra's Big Band gig in September with the Swing Dynamite gang. Everyone had a great time, and the dancers got pretty crazy with the power of a live Big Band booting them along!

Next up, the October 2nd gig featuring the music of Gil Evans. There was a lot of music to read! Some of my charts were five pages long for one tune, which made for some interesting logistics, especially as many of the tunes segued from one to another. I had to use two music stands (photos taken during afternoon dress rehearsal):

Bassist Gert had the same problem, and the same solution:

I had to move my left-side cymbal over to make room:

Last, IJO photographer Brett Delmage sent me this interesting shot he took of me:

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