Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wood bikes

I've always loved the idea of a bike made from wood. There are structural challenges involved using wood as a frame material, due to factors like the strength of the wood and the alignment of the grain. But such bikes have indeed been made, with some created from laminated wood, and others from bamboo.

Perhaps the best-known bamboo bike is a commercial one made by Calfee Design:

Then there's this one from Brano Meres Engineering and Design:

From the website of the American Bamboo Society:

The Bamboo Bike Project:

And of course one could always use a Bamboo bicycle trailer:

Next up, a page about wooden recumbents:

And a page just full of wood bike porn like this one (drool...):

And perhaps one of the coolest wood bikes, this tandem:

Do I hear project ideas gearing up at Mike's Blue Camembert woodworking shop? ;)

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Mike said...

Yeah, have always thought about making a wooden bike... maybe someday. Would be challenging, especially without bamboo.