Tuesday, June 05, 2007

House move by pedal power - again!

Well, two weeks have passed, so it must be time for another pedal-powered move!

This time we helped Greg (Director of the Just Voices choir) move house. It was easy in terms of distance (four blocks) and aside from a 4-drawer filing cabinet that felt like it was made out of cast iron, also pretty easy in terms of items needing to be moved. And while we didn't have any appliances to deal with this time around, we did have Greg's musical instruments! And the best part was that the entire move was done by pedal power. And since we were travelling on flat ground I didn't even need to use the electric assist.

Oh, and speaking of musical instruments, I decided to play Greg's helicon (a predecessor of the sousaphone) while riding the trike. And of course we had to get that on video...

Richard loads my trike while his son Nico watches, and Stuart takes a rest break in the stoker seat of the Greenspeed tandem.

Since we're not going very far or very fast, Nico takes a ride in the trike's cargo box.

Greg inspects the final load (after 6 hours of moving) with Jason behind. I think at least 10 people helped out during the course of the move.

Richard also took a bunch of fabulous photos.

Oh, and Greg, thanks for letting me fool around with that nice old instrument. Hmm... perhaps a new twist to my music career, serenading the local citzenry while riding the trike? Hey, I could offer rides in the back, and THEN serenade them. I would make my money by letting them ride for free, but then they'd have to pay me to stop playing! ;)


Anonymous said...

Jeez, that looks like way too much fun to count as a real move.

What green and lush photos- I'm up north of 70 at the moment and the weather's only just pushing over 0 degrees the past couple of days, and the gravel has not sprouted any life yet, so it's hard to remember what summer is like. But at least it's not humid. ;-)

Mark said...

So it's a dry cold, then? ;) Here last night it got down to 4C with a frost warning, and it's supposed to be cold again tonight (and I have an outdoor gig with the IJO...).

Yesterday being another long Tuesday I checked the forecast before heading out and packed some extra clothing. The temp was already falling past 12C (with rain) when I left at 2:00pm, and by the time I triked home after midnight from the IJO rhearsal the gloves, helmet liner, and extra layer of fleece were definitely needed! (At least the rain had stopped by then.)

RealGrouchy said...

Not only is my vehicle more practical than most of those Critical Massers', but my tuba is bigger than their little bugle, too!

Looks like great fun!

- RG>