Sunday, May 20, 2007

House move by pedal power

Richard and his family are moving to a new house a few kilometres away. They will be using a moving company for the bulk of their stuff, but he wanted to some sort of human power part to it. So the call went out on the HPVOoO list and a small team was assembled.

The organ trailer was going to be towed by the tandem trike, and I showed up with my trike, plus we had three regular bikes towing trailers. Richard needed to swap the fridges and stoves between his new and old abodes, and the new place also had a basement beer fridge that needed to be taken to an appliance recycler. For the trip to his new place I carried his stereo equipment, and on the return trip carried the beer fridge. After a stop at his old place for pizza I continued on to the recyclers to get rid of the thing.

Using my little Canon camera in video mode once again I got a few things on "tape", then assembled the various clips into one and put it on YouTube. I also took some photos, as did Richard, and Charles took both video and still shots.

Stereo stuff. Dead innertubes make great tie-downs!

Yes, the fridge would be carried upright (to keep its motor happy) if not destined for scrap. I don't take the tailgate off very often, but am glad it's removable when needed.

Greg (who took part in the moving day fun) accompanied me to the recyclers, and inspects the fridge for bodies before we drop it off.

The guy at the appliance place admitted that he did not get too many large appliances being delivered by pedal power...

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