Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Time for more cat photos!

The first two were actually taken at the end of February, just before the last dump of snow. Jett will go outside as long as it's not freezing rain or a snowstorm (sort of like me and winter cycling!), while Kitty stays in until the snow is gone. Some snow had melted from the back deck, and the sun's rays had that extra warmth to them that says Spring is not far away, and so Jett had his first outside snooze for 2007 (it was about -3C).

(photos taken through window covered by plastic film)

There's always room for two at their favourite sunny window.


Anonymous said...

That one of Jett using the fencepost is hilarious- they can make the strangest contortions look comfy. This one evokes the guillotine for me though...

Mark said...

Yeah, he loves that railing and putting his head on one of the posts. Two more photos of that are at: