Monday, February 12, 2007

Ski Bike!

Below is a video of me trying out a ski bike. This odd thing is yet another beastie that came through the re-Cycles Co-op, and is a standard kid's BMX frame, but with skis in place of the wheels! I finally had a chance to take it to the nearest hill (at the Arboretum beside Dow's Lake) to see what it's like. I hope to have someone accompany me on the next trip to take the video, since the POV shot isn't all that exciting (although taking the shot myself while riding the bike downhill sure was!).

For some reason the bike still has pedals, though the chainring has been removed. I think they are a liability, because they are very close to the ground and if they rotate even slightly then they dig in and cause problems. Fortunately, the bottom bracket bearings are either set to be stiff, or have just start corroding in place, as the cranks don't turn all that well...

I processed the video file with iMovie, and have posted it to YouTube. Turn your sound up if you want to hear me yapping away during the two clips.

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