Friday, January 19, 2007

Art! Pt. 2

Our family is quite scattered about, so at Xmas time we don't always see each other, and often have a get-together just after New Years. My older bother Jon and his two teenage daughters Marianne and Rebecca came to Ottawa, and since the ongoing warm winter precluded doing the usual fun things like skating on the Rideau Canal, we opted for a visit to the National Gallery. Now, Jon's girls are lucky in having some really cool uncles (according to them!), and being a Cool Uncle I thought they might find a trip to the Gallery to be a bit boring, but they enjoyed it!

The one thing I needed to photograph there was the giant Baby Head. This is one weird piece of work, but very well done. It's mainly made of latex, and the eye lashes and brows are made of stiff wire, and the hairs were all installed piece by piece. I took two photos, one with the flash, one without.

It sits in the room by itself, and is now one of my fave pieces of art. The next one took me a moment to figure out, and then I realized it's a pile of bicycles!

The girls continue the family tradition of making faces:

(Of course, Marianne may kill me for posting this. hehe)

After the gallery it was back to Mike and Jane's for dinner, where I learned how to make sushi! It all came out quite nicely, and tasted great.

And Xmas cookies, ice cream, and sliced nanaimo bars for dessert! (my sweet tooth is genetic).

And I have a new fave photo of moi, taken by Mike after our Xmas day road hockey game:

We'll call this the Curmudgeon Look. Not bad, eh?


Anonymous said...

I too love the newborn head at the gallery, and your pic without the flash came out looking very squintily newborn indeed!

OK, if you know how to make sushi, you have to teach me how to cut them. I've had real instruction from real japanese people, but when I try it myself at home, the $@#% Nori will NOT cut and we have to eat them like burritos (still tasty, but not quite the same.) Tell all. And don't just say a sharp knife, I know that. There's some other secret that no one's letting me in on!

Mark said...

I don't know what to tell you! My part of the sushi assembly line was just wrapping and rolling. I was not aware of anyone having cutting issues, but will ask my bro for you.