Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Further trike fun

Last Friday and Saturday saw me playing a hotel gig in the wilds of Kanata (western suburb, about 20 km from downtown). A bit too far for Kyoto, but I was at least able to be multi-modal about my transport. My other two musical accomplices were coming by minivan from Aylmer, which meant they had to come across the Champlain Bridge. My younger brother lives a few blocks from there, so I pedaled to his house, unloaded the drums, then parked the trike. The guys then picked me up to continue our journey without having to go out of their way, which would have been in the opposite direction to pick me up a home. That worked out very well!

Next up, I had a noon-hour show to play yesterday in the downtown core. And as I was making my way along Queen St. I see an RCMP car parked at the curb. Now, in my three years of cargo triking not a single police officer has commented on this machine. They've driven around me, driven past me, but never stopped or engaged me. I've just figured they observe the standard SEP mantra (Somebody Else's Problem). So I'm triking along, and the officer must have seen me in his side mirror, as he looked out and back, gave me a big thumbs-up, an shouted "all right, that's great!". I just gave a big smile, shouted thanks, and continued on my way...

BTW, this gig was at the World Exchange Plaza, and the "stage" is that low expanse of flat rock facing the building. So I can trike right up to the stage and unload! Then at the end it's back over the sidewalk, onto the street, and homeward bound.

Goofy pic of the week. While waiting for the rest of the HPVOoO gang to arrive for Sunday dinner, Richard snaps this photo of his son Nico and I having an existential debate regarding the menu items:

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