Monday, July 03, 2006

Trike at work

I used Kyoto to get to last Friday's Jazz Festival gig at the NAC. The weather was perfect for the 2 km glide across town, and I cycled up to the Artists Entrance and loading dock:

I rolled right into the dock, and the attendant came out with a "WTF?" look on his face. But he quickly figured it out, and was very helpful. He ran and got a dolly for me, and once the drums were loaded on I said "I need to go park this thing outside" (since one is almost never allowed to leave a vehicle at a loading dock unattended for any length of time), to which he replied " no need, you can lock it up right there to that railing. I'll tell the security guy". Sweet, sez me. ;o) It made for a very easy load-in and load-out.

Of course, those pesky reflective pieces do far too good a job with the camera's flash...

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