Monday, April 14, 2008

re-Cycles move

On Saturday the 5th we moved the entire re-Cycles Bicycle Co-op shop to its new address at 477 Bronson Avenue.

While a pedal-powered move would've been interesting, we had so much stuff that it was just not practical. We rented a 16-foot truck, and it took three full loads! We had a good crew of people, and the first loading to the last unloading took only 6 hours. And that included waiting a half hour for the new space to be swept of drywall dust and the floor mopped, which was supposed to have been done for us beforehand...

The new shop is quite conveniently about three blocks from my house. And I don't feel at all guilty about it, as someone else found the address. I simply approved it. ;) We were able to close on a Thursday night as usual and open the new shop for a regular Tuesday shift, so we did not miss a single evening. Which was good, as this is our busiest time of year.

And now a few photos, while I compile a full page of them for the re-Cycles website.

The old shop.

Quiet Mike and Derek hold back the pile.

The new space has two rooms plus basement storage. This is the "showroom", slowly getting organized, with the entrance to the work room just past the shelves.

Most of the moving crew after beer and pizza (some had left earlier).

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