Tuesday, April 01, 2008

busy busy busy

I'm currently a tad swamped...

The re-Cycles Bike Co-op has entered into a partnership with Causeway Work Centre, and on top of putting this together we have been scouting for a new location in which to set up shop, as they will use our shop facilities during the day, since the co-op is only open during the evenings. The new location has been found, and we're moving in this coming Saturday!

It's going to be a ton of work moving all the bikes and tools and parts and getting the new space set up, but it'll be worth it, as we'll finally have a proper retail space, and will no longer be in our old basement space surrounded by noisy band rehearsals (yes, I know - strange irony for me to be driven half-nuts by other musicians, but even the best bands sound bad when more than one is playing at a time!).

A rather nice aspect for me is that the new space is at 477 Bronson Avenue, which is only three and a half blocks from my house. This will make it much easier to just drop by and help out, aside from my role as the co-op's Director. And no, I did not find this location for us, so I don't feel too guilty about its proximity ;)

On top of this fun, the Impressions in Jazz Orchestra has another fab show coming up on April 18 at the Dominion Chalmers Church. One of the numbers we'll be playing is the West Side Story medley made famous by Buddy Rich. Since it's a drum feature I'm doing my best to get this piece memorized, as it's eight pages long and my hands will be way too busy to turn them!

I'm also rehearsing with local bassist Tom McMahon for some shows we have coming up featuring some of his original music. And after four weeks off my gig with Propeller Dance starts its Spring season mid-month.

All in all the month of April is shaping up to be rather stimulating! Now if the snow would finish melting so I can get the cargo trike out of hibernation, as riding the winter bike and towing a trailer for the past four snowy months has lost whatever "fun" factor it may have had...

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