Monday, March 12, 2007


I've been busy with rehearsals for the Impressions in Jazz Orchestra, as our first gig of the season is this coming Thursday, March 15. Ticket price is CHEAP for this kind of concert, and it will feature the IJO along with other performers. Please check the website for details, where you can also hear audio clips from last year's gig by clicking on the Listen button.

It should be a fun evening. My Mom (who's 85) and step-dad are coming up from Kingston to see it, and it looks like some cycling friends are planning to attend as well. I'm using my large kit for this gig (large not in terms of number of drums, but the sizes of them) and it won't fit in the big trailer. So I hope to use Kyoto, since borrowing a car to go about 1 km and then try and park downtown seems is a bigger hassle. It's a little early to dig the trike out, since there's still snow in the backyard where it hibernates and crusty salt on the sides of the roads, but hey, it'll be an early sign of Spring!

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