Saturday, September 09, 2006

Trike at work pt. 2

The past few weeks have be quite uneventful, so here are a few pics of the trike at work. This is at the outdoor plaza for the Metropolitan Restaurant and Cafe M, where I currently play every Sunday from 11:00am to 2:00pm, and Thursdays from 5:00 to 8:00. Since it's outdoors the gig will come to a natural end as soon as the customers stop wishing to eat outside, so we have perhaps a few weeks left.

As you can see in the above photo, I can cycle right onto the plaza and park right where my drums need to be set up. This is such a nice change from hauling them up stairs or down long hallways! Though it does mean riding on the wide sidewalk for about 100 feet, otherwise I'd have to stop in a right-turn lane and haul the heavy beast up onto the walk to get to the plaza entrance. Once I've unloaded I simply move the trike over to the perimeter where it can snooze in the sun. Leaving the plaza requires going uphill and around a corner, beginning on the sidewalk, but that is only for about 50 feet, then as I make the turn I get on the road. The sidewalk issue is interesting, because if I stick to the road near that entrance I'm just in everyone's way and it's also a no-stopping zone. Being a 3-wheeler the trike can go as slow as it needs if there are pedestrians afoot (heh), and since it's for such a short stretch it seems to be the best solution.

Long view back towards the Cafe (and awaiting the other two band members).

The patio.

The restaurant and cafe are owned by the same people, and they originally wanted us to play for the patio, so we set up facing that way. But when folks are eating they don't always pay much attenti0n to us, and we had our backs to the cafe customers, who seem more appreciative of our efforts. So on the third gig we set up in the current format and everyone's happy.

I just realized this is probably a rather boring post, but hey, notice over on the right sidebar of this page - categories! Unlike some other blog hosts, Blogger does not offer this feature, but hacks have been created, and I happily used one of them. So now I can just direct people to the bike links if that's all they might be interested in. And please note that there is no category (yet) for "Boring". ;o)

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