Friday, September 22, 2006

Ottawa's new cycling / pedestrian bridge

One day before International Car-Free Day a car-free bridge was opened across the Rideau Canal! It has no name yet (that will apparently happen at an official dedication ceremony next Spring), and some work is still being done, like the last set of stairs and some landscaping. But it's open and lots of folks are using it! I took Kyoto over it today to attend the CFD event at the University of Ottawa campus, and I'm impressed with the work. The bridge looks nice, and it's quite wide enough for both bike and foot traffic, though so far nothing has been done to delineate lanes (I've heard that the walkways will be along the sides with bikes in the middle).

So I had to take a few photos as I made my way back from the event. And yes, Ottawa is completely f-ing lame when it comes to Car Free Day, as City Council, which can't be considered Green by any stretch of the imagination, won't allow closure of a single block of any main street, so events have to be held in parking lots or plazas. Oh well, at least we have our nice new bridge!

Looking north towards Chateau Laurier

Looking west. At left in the bike helmet is fellow HPVOoO-er Charles, who has done a thorough photo documentation of the bridge's construction progress.

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Anonymous said...

Nice pics of the bridge. Isn't it great to finally have it? I haven't been on it yet, I was in the neighborhood the day it opened but I didn't know then that it had. Why, now I'll have to drive down just to see it! :-D