Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jazz festival gig

I'll be performing this coming Thursday at noon at our local jazzfest, this time with the new quartet Art Nuvo. And it's a free show: http://www.ottawajazzfestival.com/e/lineup/june25.html

This group is comprised of myself on drums, Rick Rangno on trumpet and fluegelhorn, Ian Clyne on piano, and Tom Denison on bass. As mentioned in an earlier post, we were in the recording studio back in April, putting together series of original compositions form Rick and Ian. That should be released sometime in the Fall.

This group is a good challenge for me, as it's an opportunity to play some real jazz. Meaning that we're focusing on original material and not just playing the same old standards all the time (which is what a lot of us get stuck doing when folks hire a jazz group). I've been nicely encouraged by the lads to play a bit more "out" and go for it, which I'm happy to do. ;)

I'll be triking to this gig, of course...

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