Saturday, July 26, 2008

drumming and fitness

An interesting find:

Clem Burke Drumming Project - "Clem Burke, drummer with the band Blondie, has been taking part in research study for the past eight years, which will reveal the physical demands of drumming during live stage performances."

And a BBC story on this as well.

This study reminds me of how much energy put out during the shows I did with the Trevor Finlay Band for nine years, and of course in my rock n' roll days back in Toronto and Montreal. I recall doing five to six shows a week when on the road and losing weight and trying to keep hydrated. One of my reasons for quitting touring was that I just did not want to expend that much energy each day, and at that volume! But even playing with the jazz quartet nowadays means constant motion with both arms and feet, so while I don't have as much upper body movement as before I'm still putting out a fair bit of energy. It's just that doing so is a lot easier on my ears now.

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