Sunday, January 21, 2007

winter biking - moving stuff

Last week we got a dump of snow that finally looks like it's going to stay. So winter arrives in mid-January...

And so Kyoto is finally put into hibernation, and I still have to get my drums to gigs. When the weather is unpleasant, or I've got just too far to go (or too much stuff to bring) I have to rely on others with motor vehicles. But for those times when I can do it by bike I use a trailer, which my jazz kit just fits into. This trailer was built by me for my friend Bridget, and since she doesn't use it in winter she has kindy loaned it back to me (in the Spring I'll give the wheels a bearing overhaul as thanks).

Towing a load like this is why I run a 7-speed internal hub on my winter bike, and not a single! And while I can get up to a quick speed on flat terrain, the load is heavy enough that emergency braking gets challenging, and who needs that kind of fun on winter roads? So steady as she goes and I get there eventually...

Like I said, the kit just fits in the box.

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