Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Xmas triking

By December 25th the trike is normally in winter storage. The deleterious effects of road salt on the frame, parts, and electricals, not to mention just sliding around on slushy, icy streets, makes me put the machine into hibernation. But not this year! At least, not so far... We've been seeing continuous daily temps above freezing, where they should be 4 or 5C below. So there's been almost no road salt put down, and so with bare roads I thought why not trike over to my brother's place for Xmas? While I had presents and hockey sticks to bring, I didn't really need the trike, but heck, I rode it because I could. ;)

I only had a few presents to bring, but I put them in a spare Blue Box and wrapped that up to resemble one large gift, just so it looked more impressive in the cargo box (the big sheet of paper was later cut up and recycled for future gift-wrapping). Along the way I got some waves and calls of "Merry Christmas". The Santa hat probably helped... And if you want really quiet roads for cycling, Christmas Day is one of the best ones for that.

Hockey sticks were needed for the family's traditional Xmas Day road hockey game. Though it wasn't part of the trike's design, the sticks do fit quite nicely in the cargo box.

By the time I headed back home, snow was falling and the trike got a rare taste of the white stuff. And snow can really pile up on you when you're riding in a reclined position! Below, trike tracks, already getting covered over five minutes after getting home.

And of course Jett was waiting to greet me. The snow slowly accumulating on his back doesn't bother him one bit.


Jerome said...

Great job! I must say a big thanks for the inspiration. I've been checking your blog regularly and prior to that I thouroughly enjoyed your website. You have really made me aware that biking is a viable option for transportation and got me headed down the road of using the bicycle much more. For that I thank you. My life is far better ever since I've been choosing to ride anywhere that I can. I've even quoted you on one of my posts. "Ride yer bike". I hope you don't mind.

Take Care and keep up the great work.


Mark said...

Hi Jerome,

Thanks muchly for the kind words. It's always nice to hear that one is being a positive influence! And no, I don't mind being quoted at all. Especially because that one fits so many applications! How do I get to work? Ride yer bike! How do I move large things around town? Ride yer bike... (etc. etc.)