Saturday, June 24, 2006

drums 'n bikes

I recently played a hand drumming gig with my friends Jack and Bridget. And what I realized, as we gathered together to cycle to the event, was that all the conveyances used to move the drums were built by me!

Background: after building my first cargo trailer, Jack saw it and said that's what he needed as well, so we did a swap, with him building me a nice drum , and me building a copy of my trailer. Then later on I built Kyoto, my cargo trike to haul my various drums and other large things. And last Fall I built a larger version of my cargo trailer for Bridget, so that she could haul her drums around.

So the above-mentioned gig was a minorly momentous moment with three of my four projects in the same space doing the same job. So I had to get a photo taken...

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